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Seasons Greetings

22 December 2017

Wishing you and your family safe travels and a Merry Xmas, and may the New Year bring you delight, health and happiness in all your endeavors.

We will be available to help with any Garden or Pool related issues during the festive season. If needed, please call ‭(083) 556-0143‬ for any assistance.


Garden of the Month for December

29 November 2017

This month’s garden is one that we implemented during the winter of this year.

We are particularly proud of this project because it was chosen by “The Colonial Stone Paving Company” to market their rebranding of the Company Name to “The Creative Stone Company”.  It’s a great example of how to create lots of interest in a garden through the use of different textures like wood, paving, cladding and of course plants.

Summer Garden Maintenance

29 November 2017

We are now well into the summer period and as you know we have been having some really hot spells already but fortunately the rain fall has not been too bad compared to previous Summers.  

  • Continue watering, feeding and mulching Roses on a regular basis, and continue with the spraying program against pests and diseases

  • Keep a lookout for scale insects on shrubs and treat with an appropriate insecticide or organic remedy.

  • Mow lawns regularly, but take care not to mow too short, which will expose roots to the sun and cause lawns to dry out very quickly causing lawn burn. Leave the leaf blade slightly longer to encourage strong/ deep root growth instead.

  • Feed lawns once a month with a 3:2:1 fertilizer at a rate of 60g/m2

  • Control weeds in the lawn with a broad-leafed weed killer where necessary

  • Start sowing winter flowering annuals

Festive Season

29 November 2017

With only a few weeks to go, I am sure you are all desperately in need of a break and can’t wait shut off from work and the hustle and bustle of Joburg life.  

We however will be around over the Christmas period so please don’t hesitate to call if you need help with any garden or pool related issues.

Garden of the Month for July

30 July 2017

We will be Showcasing a Garden or Pool every month that we have worked on over the past few years.  We Find it extremely fulfilling to revisit our old projects to see how they have grown.

This month we revisit a garden we implemented 2 years ago and you can see what good quality weekly and seasonal maintenance as well as a good dose of TLC can do in a very short space of time to transform a Landscape.

Spring Garden Maintenance

30 July 2017

With Spring approaching fast.  August is the perfect time to get things sorted out in the garden.  The Winter has been mild this year and  Spring will be here sooner than you think.
Some of the more important things to get done now are:
  • Rose Pruning – last week of July till mid August are the best times to prune. 
  • General cut backs and clean ups of gardens trees and shrubs.
  • Scarify, spike roll and fertilize lawns (Not shade lawns)
  • Top dress uneven lawns (Not shade Lawns)
  • Mulch Flowerbeds with good quality compost
  • Clean out gutters

Weekly & Seasonal Garden Maintenance

30 July 2017

We provide a professional service throughout the year to ensure your Show Garden looks it’s best at all times Our well trained staff have an extensive knowledge on Gardens, Irrigation and Pools.  
We gladly do once off or regular clean ups, general tree felling and pruning as well as offer garden maintenance plans to suit your needs, whether it be weekly, monthly or seasonal, Corporate or Residential.

Please feel free to give us a call if you require a quote.

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